Sabertooth is a vegan bakery in Boston, Massachusetts.

We specialize in donuts, cakes, cupcakes, and cookies.

We are a 100% vegan owned, one-woman operation.

You can get our baked goods:
  • individually, at locations in the Boston area,
  • via special order for pickup (or delivery) in Boston
  • shipped within the lower 48 US states (donuts only)


You can buy some of our treats in person at a few shops in the Boston area. The selections rotate, so be sure to check out what they have!

Special Orders

You can special order cakes. They're perfect for birthdays, and other celebrations.

You can also order a dozen (or more!) donuts, cookies or cupcakes.

See our special order menu for more details.


  • Special order, pickup in Boston
  • Fazenda Coffee Roasters
  • O2 Vegan Cafe
  • Shipped within lower 48 states


  • Special order, pickup in Boston
  • Taco Party Truck

Cake & Cupcakes

  • Special order, pickup in Boston

Hi there!

I'm Evie, the creator of Sabertooth Bakery. I've been vegan since I was 15 and started baking soon after.

I started Sabertooth Bakery in 2011 as a bicycle cart downtown Burlington, VT. I had previously worked as a baker at Sweet Pea in Portland, OR and as a bike messenger in Philadelphia, PA. I decided to combine those two experiences so I could bring the delicious treats that my friends and family always loved to the public. I know it sounds cheesy (uh... daiya-y?), but I really do just love making people happy! I moved Sabertooth to Boston, MA in 2012 and currently bake out of Fazenda Coffee Roasters in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood where I live.

I bake without the use of any animal ingredients, and will still knock yer socks off! I am dedicated to amazing presentation, creativity, and not hurting anyone along the way.


PS: We are currently looking for business partners to open a storefront/café in Boston. Get in touch!